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Endless Boogie - The Skinless Ogress Revolution, Which Feeds On Human Sacrifice (2011)

Skinless Ogress Revolution' was a 100 copy edition CD Jesper hand made to sell at gigs for a west coast tour, taken from the huge pile of tapes we've made at rehearsals over the years.

The music of Endless Boogie embodies the band’s name perfectly as each of their songs reduces the history of American rock to a single riff, which is then repeated endlessly. It sounds something like Canned Heat adhering to the compositional strictures of Neu! with Träd, Gräs och Stenar hanging around on stage brushing the hair out of their eyes. Their music is so obvious that no one’s ever thought of it, possibly because it’s below thought, a distillation of the most visceral, mind-numbing, andjoy-inducing elements of a trip down a ’70s freeform radio dial. It’s an inherently stupid sound—’70s blues-rock—made even stupider through reduction, until it breaks through the other side and becomes the closest thing to a transcendent, antithought experience that contemporary music is able to offer. Live, the spiraling, repetitive grooves and nearly constant fuzzed-out soloing of front man Paul “Top Dollar” Majors (a world-renowned collector of psych records) is at first refreshingly straightforward, then boring, and, finally, after you switch off your brain like a robot powering down, pure white-light heaven. (source)

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