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Outskirts Of Infinity - Lord Of The Dark Skies (1987)

The Outskirts of Infinity are a British Psychedelic trio who have been boiling away since the eighties. Their sound is a Hendrix scream of fuzz, flower power and syrupy acid blues, created to blow minds and wig-out squares. Guitarist Bari Watts is their not-so-secret weapon, his freely-freaking axe is a riot of Purple Haze and Creamy slashing.


The Outskirts Of Infinity is a Psychedelic Rock trio from the UK, and were one of the earliest bands to release an album on Nick Saloman's Woronzow Label. Nick himself played Bass with the band on the first two albums. The Outskirts first album "Lord Of The Dark Skies" was one of the best on the label, with epic slabs of progressive rock and soaring guitar.

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