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VA - Electronic Panorama: Paris, Tokyo, Utrecht, Warszawa (1970)

Around 1970 Philips had its own recordlabel (as well as its own electronic studio, btw) and it released a series of records with state of the art electronic and electro-acoustic music which were all encased in a shiny silver sleeve. The series was called Prospective 21e Siecle. Currently these releases are well sought by collectors of ancient electronic music. One of these release was a box with 4 records, each presenting the latest or the best of 4 electronic music studios: Utrecht, Warsaw, Paris and Tokyo. Program notes by Maurice Fleuret. Recorded at Groupe de Recherches Musicales de l'O.R.T.F. (Paris, France), Studio voor Elektronische Muziek (Utrecht, The Netherlands), Studio of Radio NHK, (Tokyo, Japan), Studio Eksperymentalne Polskie Radio (Warszawa, Poland). (jazzearredores)

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Any more releases or reissues by the 'Studio Eksperymentalne Polskie' would be really appreciated.

Though I'm a big fan of early electronic music, I must admit, I have never come across this Philips series before - I wonder if Creel Pone have reissued any of the series. I would love to see that silver cover - pure sci-fi psychedelia!

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