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White Light (1969) [US]

This is garage driven hard rock, with some strong psych influences. This first pressing of the album features a different tracklist from that of the second. Two of the titles found on this version did not make it onto the second.

This is a boot reissue of the second version of this album, which replaces two tracks from the original, with three new ones. They also renamed the two eponimously titled instrumentals from the first issue, to new generic titles.

I haven’t yet been able to determine if these tracks were actually re-recorded, or just edited, but the certainly don’t begin the same way.

For some reason, they don’t manage to get the sound right on this either, even on the tracks which the two share in common, leaving this one sounding off the pace of the original.

The two tracks eliminated from this were two of the best from the first one, and the ones added are comparatively weak semi-comm pop. (tymeshifter RYM)

Kurt Perron -   Electric Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar
Joel Perron - Lead Guitar, Bass, Drums
Mississipi - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

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