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Zendik Farm Orgaztra - Dance of the Cozmic Warriorz (1996)

Zendik Farm Orgaztra features some of Wulf Zendik's most powerful vocals and poetry. The Z.O. cuts on this LP,taken from the Dance of the Cozmic Warriors album, were recorded during Wulf's 70th year and are an awesome display of his artistic energy and aesthetic wisdom.

This LP, like our mag-zeens, books,videos, and TV shows, was put together by us in our own recording studio—no one got paid, no one at Zendik Farm gets a salary or a wage. We don't use money between us—we communicate, we cooperate, we believe in what we're doing..

Zendik is a Sanskrit word meaning outlaw, heretic, one who does not follow the established order, theological, social or political. We've expanded the meaning of Zendik to one who lives and creates within the Natural Laws of Cause-and-Effect, the Cosmic Laws, that govern not only humans, but all life and the universe itself.

Zendik Farm is a tribal community comprised of mostly young people. We're saying if our air, water and food are poison and there's a hole in the sky and less than a 1000 people own or control 90% of the Earth's resources, and you're supposed to be a good little job-slave, vote for liars, save up for a lawn mower and be ready for wax..!.then life sucks! We can design and build a beautiful culture, a society that works, that's fun, that let's us keep our souls — we can feed everyone, save elephants from extinction, explore other galaxies, create great movies, develop alternate energy fuels, throw outrageous parties, clean up the Great Lakes, work hard, laugh a lot, educate our kids, have friendly, loving sex without disease, etc.

Zendiks are culture builders, revolutionaries—not with guns, but with Art, with a way of Life. Zendiks are out to make life itself an art, make it magical. Zendik Farm is 300 acres along the Colorado River on the southern Great Plains outside of Austin, Texas. We have beautiful houses, workshops, and studios, all well built with recycled materials by young people from all over the world. We do organic farming, music, video, dance, carpentry, animal care, photography, publishing, multimedia shows, home schooling, eco-architecture, mechanics, pottery, and all kinds of other stuff.

It's obvious that the governments and corporations aren't going to create a decent world. It's up to those of us who give a fuck. If you're interested in working with us in any capacity contact us. If you're interested in visiting or living at Zendik Farm give us a call, or write.

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