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Tongue And Groove (1969)

Tongue & Groove were something of an offshoot of the legendary, but little-recorded, early San Francisco hippie group the Charlatans.

Formed toward the end of the 1960s, Tongue and Groove was an interesting blues-rock outfit that was in some respects an offshoot of the Charlatans in that it included Lynne Hughes and that band’s original piano player (and one the first Haight-Ashbury scenesters) Mike Ferguson, who also did the album’s cover artwork. The group was completed by competent guitarist Randy Lewis, and they recorded their eponymous LP with a host of session musicians, apparently including Charlatans bassist Richard Olsen on some tracks.  

Tongue and Groove's self-titled album, released in the late '60s on Fontana, was produced by Abe "Voco" Kesh, who also worked with several other second-tier '60s Bay Area acts, such as Blue Cheer and Harvey Mandel; top session musicians James Burton (on dobro) and Earl Palmer (on drums) also contributed to the recording. (source)

Mike Ferguson - Keyboards, Percussion, Timbales, Vocals
Lynne Hughes - Vocals
Randy Lewis - Guitar

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