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Áron Szilágyi - Doromb On (2005)

Áron Szilágyi was born in 1977 as the first son of Zoltán Szilágyi, the only one Jew's harp maker in Hungary. He could play the instrument, when he was three but started to take it seriously at the age of 16.

Since 1997 Áron has been an active member of the international JH movement and has been a regular guest of the international festivals. At these festivals he was deeply inspired by the different styles and playing techniques of the other virtuoso players. Especially learnt a lot from the Swiss Anton Bruhin. His creativity and extravaganza with this instrument has given Áron a great push in developing his own style. He also got a deep inspiration by the spiritual JH music of the Yakut Spiridon Shishigin.

Áron Szilágyi performed at the International Jew's Harp Festival with Alex Horsch in Molln, Austria in 1998. Their performance was published on the compilation CD of the festival. The Hungarian national TV channel, MTV also published a program on the festival and made a video footage of Áron and Alex's performance.

He was also invited to the 5th North American JH Fest, Oregon, USA 1998. That performance was released on a compilation CD, too. In 1999 he played in Molln again and founded the electronic world music band, Navrang. In 2000 Áron moved to Ireland. In the summer 2000, Navrang had their first international appearance in Molln again where they earned a big success. In october they made their first CD.

In 2001 he has given concerts in Dublin with Kai Band jazz band and had solo performances and workshops too in Ireland and London. In the year of 2002 he organised a festival in Hungary where JH players and other "underground" musicians came to play from 10 different countries. Áron was invited to the International JH festival in Norway. Still in this year he started the auralinstruments.com business that is selling traditional hand made woodwind instruments of the Eastern-European region.

In 2004 he was seen on most of the nation-widely receivable Hungarian TV channels as a JH expert. His band, Navrang got an invitation to the International Donaufest, Ulm, Germany. The festival organisers published a concert CD of Navrang and it was a huge success. They also found a record label which published their new CD, Pangea. His solo track, Dervish and the other songs on the CD can be heard more and more on radio stations.

In October 2004 Leo Tadagawa, the head of the Japanese JH society, invited Áron to Tokyo. He gave four concerts and two workshops in Tokyo and Yugawara. They are filming the video for the Navrang track, Pangea (same title as the album) in winter 2004.

Áron Szilágyi's first solo album, DOROMB::ON, came out in 2005, published by G50 Records. In this year, he joind the band Flótás, who play Moldvan Chango traditional music. The only Hungarian region, whre Jew's harp is traditional.

Took part at the Marranzano Festival in Catania, Sicily. 2005 and was the first Jew's harp player at the Izraeli Didjeridoo Festival in 2006 where he had an outstanding success.

Organizer of the Hungarian Jew's harp festivals in Kecskemét, Hungary. These festivals are held and co-organized by the Kecskemet Youth Centre every year in September. These lively events represent the Hungarian Jew's harp scene and also pay attention to introduce the internationally acknowledged "top" Jew's harp players to the Hungarian audience.

In 2006 Áron was the one of three members of the program committee of the International Jew's Harp Festival in Amsterdam and was also elected as a board member of the International Jew's Harp Society.

Still in 2006 he was assigned as the leading project manager of "20 years later..." animation film making project, supported by Bipolar German-Hungarian cultural funds.

In 2007 he established NGO Eurokult, that will realize international Jew's harp events in the future. (The 2010 International Jew's Harp Festival in Kecskemét, Hungary, too.)

In spring 2007 he founded a new project called Airtist. With one of the best didjeridoo player in Europe, Markus Meurer and the beatbox champion Tamás Dömötör he makes purely acoustic, ancient trance music. They recorded their first EP, Turbolence in 2007, published by Áron's record label, Aural Records. (jewsharpsociety)

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