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Plastic Crimewave Sound - Goodbye To the Divine (2008)

Plastic Crimewave (guitar, vox)
Cat Chow (guitar, vox)
Lux (bass)
Andy Ortmann (keyboards)
Lawrence Peters(drums)

Plastic Crimewave (born Steven H. Kraków), otherwise known as Steve Kraków, is a Chicago-based illustrator and writer, avant-garde musician, music historian and impresario. He is the editor of Drag City-published magazine Galactic Zoo Dossier, eponymous front man for Plastic Crimewave Sound, founder of the Million Tongues Festival, and Vision Celestial Guitarkestra. He writes and illustrates the "Secret History of Chicago Music" comic in the Chicago Reader and co-hosts WGN-AM's Secret History of Chicago Music series. He runs the Drag City imprint label, Galactic Zoo Disk.

Crimewave's band, Plastic Crimewave Sound, was a psychedelic acid punk band based in Chicago. The band consisted of Plastic Crimewave, bassist Mark Lux (Raspberry Kidd), drummer Lawrence Peters (Skog Device), Steve's brother Adam (Hands of Hydra) on second guitar. They toured with Acid Mothers Temple, Comets on Fire, Oneida, The Ponys, The Gris Gris, Marble Sheep and others, and played at the Terrastock festival and international festivals. The band has been compared to Chrome, Can, Yo Ho Wha 13, Sonic Youth, Hawkwind and has a cult following. After Plastic Crimewave Sound disbanded, Kraków formed a power trio, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate.

 This show was recorded live at subterranean in chicago on saturday june 21, 2008. Plastic crimewave sound had just gotten back from a tour so they were tight! Sadly this was nick’s last show with the band, but they send him out on fire! literally melting hundreds of faces that night! Truly mind expanding versions of all yr pcws favorites: i am planet crushing, far in/out, shockwave rider… plus a cover of the dead c’s bad politics! crucial!

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