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Rock Duo "Magma" (1975)

- Siegfried Scholz / Drums, vocals, percussions
- Detlef Gehrke / Piano, organ, synthesizer, vocals

MAGMA from Germany apparently didn't know about the French band with the same name. Their sole album was released in 1975 but it sounds like it came from the late sixties. This band was a duo of drums and keyboards with some bass sounds, synths and plenty of organ leading the way. They sound more like Proto- Prog to me than Krautrock.

"Jessica" opens with a gong before we get this distorted sounding keyboard of some sort buzzing away as drums and organ fill out the sound. Vocals before a minute. Love that fuzzed out sound. It turns spacey before 4 minutes during an all instrumental interlude. I like how it speeds up at times. "Blue Jean Woman" opens with piano and a beat as the vocals join in. A mid-paced beginning before melancholic organ replaces the piano after 2 minutes. Nice. Piano and vocals are back before 4 minutes and they continue to the end. "6 Minutes Release Rock" starts out with an organ melody as the drums join in then some fuzz. Catchy stuff as the vocals arrive just before a minute. Love the drumming. Spacey synths blow in around 3 minutes then we get a drum solo that lasts for 2 minutes. The organ then storms the gate as the drums continue, the tempo has picked up as well.

"Marmalade" opens with pulsating organ and fuzz then we get a change a minute in as we get some impressive organ, then the vocals join in as the drums continue. I like the vocals here. A cool instrumental from 2 1/2 minutes to 3 minutes with fuzz galore. "Embryo" has an organ/drum intro that then slows down as the vocals join in. Nice bass here as well. This is very much an organ driven tune. The pace picks up 4 minutes in to the end. "Turn" has this catchy drum/organ melody as the vocals join in. Love the drumming. Not a big fan of the determined vocals though. Bass sounds help out and I really like the chorus on this one. "Floating Smog" has what sounds like floating organ(maybe synths) in the background as drums and an organ melody lead the way. Vocals join in, I like this. Things get more intense after 3 minutes, great sound here. (source)

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