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Vox Populi! - Imaginary Myscitisms + Alternative Watermelons (2014)

Vox Populi! was founded by Axel Kyrou in 1981 and occupied a central and a single place in the history of french (ethno)-industrial music. The cold wave and minimalist trends featured on the first record release (the ep 'Ectoplasmies', 1983) were soon overwhelmed by all kinds of strange experiments, most often involving very disparate kind of musics (at the same time) : ethnic, electronic, concrete music, funk, experimental, industrial, ....

Jeez, get yer head around this invaluable collection of French psych juices from Vox Populi!, collated and reissued by the peerless V-o-D. Like many other late-comers to their sound, it was Spencer Clark ov The Skaters's reissue of 'Half Dead Ganja Music' LP in 2013 that first alerted us to Vox Populi!'s otherworldly charms. This 2LP set, comprising 29 tracks from various records released 1983-88, plus 'Myscitismes' in its entirety hugely expands that strange seed planted in our heads with 'Half Dead Ganja Music', revealing myriad spheres of lucid, heightened psych consciousness of the most precious kind. Without resorting to the usual cloying tactics of too much "psychedelia" - onanistic Frippery and egotism - Vox Populi! create dozens of tiny, unique wormholes ranging from pulsing machine experiments to alien exotic waltzes, gamelan-like percussion rituals and sky-reaching synth drones via Nico-esque dirges from a broad palette of instrumental ingredients and tape loops. We can safely say it's some of the most spellbinding, attuned music we've heard for a while. Highly recommended! (boomkat)

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