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Claudio Scolari, Daniele Cavalca & Simone Scolari - South Hemisphere (2015)

Claudio Scolari: synth, percussion
Daniele Cavalca: drums, piano, bass
Simone Scolari: trumpet

After the success of Colors of Red Island (2010) and Synthesis (2012) the project comes back with the new single South Hemisphere (2015) continuing to develop an unique mixture of acoustic/electronic sounds driven by percussive beats in a new direction of modern jazz.

Claudio Scolari
Drummer, composer, percussionist, teacher at the conservatory and member of the most prestigioussymphonic orchestras of Italy, Scolari is the founder of this modern jazz music project. He has been the guide of this new original music and he always had the ability to involve and inspire his musicians so as to draw out the best of their musical expression. His compositional process starts with building the synthesizers, adding then rhythmic grooves and colors with percussion, drums and adding ornamental lines using piano and trumpet.

This is the our first track released as a single track and we wanted to let you know about our latest news.

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