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Furekåben (1971)

FUREKÅBEN were a very obscure Danish Acid Folk outfit, that seem to have been formed in 1968 around the head Hans Vinding (guitar, voices) in Copenhagen and disbanded in 1972 without any notification. It is said that they, as a music commune called 'Røde Rose', which later got to be another title of their second self-titled album, have lived together and had some sessions and recordings. As a result, they released two albums - 'Prinsesseværelset' (1970) and 'Furekåben' (1971) - both are currently thought as eccentric (and remarkably rare) Acid Folk gems. The leader Hans formed Hyldemor with some of ex-FUREKÅBEN members later.

Although I cannot know that under what condition they did sessions and recordings, there is extraordinary weird atmosphere with some religious speckles - discrete from the "real" world methinks. Guess they always have raised their morale in a transcendental meditation or in smoke of pot around Hans the Guru in sessions or recordings (sorry if it's not correct). Certainly it's magic I know ... in the first track "Instrumental", male and female scat carries the sunflower song toward the top of heaven with heightening their (and the song's) spiritual power. All instruments including voices are completely whacked out, as if they should have been under mind-expanding condition, but mysteriously there is something rigidly united around them. We can find just the same flavour in the following "Mandsang", with a drunken (but comfortable) flute solo. Only for me Hans' voices can sound something of incantation cursed (because he sang in indistinct Danish? Exactly addiction to freak-out acidity I suggest. Even the last "Christine" can keep this weirdness in core mind. These three incantations drug ... err ... drag on fortunately.
Even Acid Folk freaks may be divided into two - like and dislike. Cannot find any artists similar to them easily ... and I love them of course.


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