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Sadistic Mika Band - Hot Menu (1975)

Hot! Menu (1975) – Julian Cope calls this band “shit” – but then, I’ve heard some say the same about THE TEARDROP EXPLODES. Yes the first two SADISTIC MIKA albums were fun if sorta simplistic 3-chord bashers. But by this point, they’d fully digested the suave irony and musical futurism of ROXY MUSIC and developed an appreciation for retro kitsch disco ala DR. BUZZARD’S ORIGINAL SAVANNAH BAND. And even if like those groups they’ve gone for style over substance, they ended up creating one of my favourite albums from an otherwise lacklustre musical year.

While I always fast-forward past the opening fusionoid workout (appropriately named “Time To Noodle”), everything else here gets me either thinking either very sexy thoughts, or else I’m up outta my seat bumpin’ along with a shit-eating grin. Especially their dancefloor-ready peon to Jack Nicholson, “Hi Jack (I’m Just Dying).” And it’s apparently gonna be reissued too in the UK any day now! The Japanese reissue train is all too slow to reach the Western world, but maybe, I’m finally sat at the right station. (source)

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