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Sun Ra All Stars Band - Hiroshima (1985)

Alto Saxophone – Marshall Allen
Bass – Richard Davis
Drums – Philly Joe Jones, Clifford Jarvis
Drums, Percussion – Don Moye
Piano, Organ [Pipe] – Sun Ra
Tenor Saxophone – John Gilmore
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Archie Shepp
Trumpet – Lester Bowie
Trumpet [Pocket] – Don Cherry

 This is what I call heavy - a lesser discovered organ jam from the legendary Sun Ra in full on psych-out mode, accompanied by a few other barely heard instruments. The resulting melted audio comes across like Doctor Phibes in full flow - devastatingly powerful and somewhat spiritual at the same time. This is essential listening too for any of you who have become obsessed with the whole New Weird America thang - trust me there wouldn't be any Sunburned Hand of the Man or No Neck Blues band without Sun Ra and his devoted followers. An additional side comes from an appearance with the Sun Ra All Stars Band (which included Don Cherry and Archie Shepp among others) recorded in Switzerland in 1983, it's a devastating slice of way out jazz music, but in my mind it's ALL about 'Hiroshima'. This has got to be one of the most mind-altering slices of wax I've heard in a long time, place the needle down and sink into a Saturnian oblivion - maybe Sun Ra was right all along...


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What a unique lineup! I look forward to listening to it. Many thanks!


Savage Saints pisze...

Thank you @Brian :))

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