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Rictus - Christelle Ou La Découverte Du Mal (1981)

Daniel Corbont : Bass
Daniel Aizier : Guitar
Marcel Bony : Guitar
François Corbont : Drums
Pierre Pomet : Drums
Jean-Claude Schmidt : Singer
Rol Brultey : Keyboards

Christelle is a 6 year old girl. She is happy. One day she meets an Evil Genius who makes her have bad hallucinations. Each song is one of her hallucinations.

Reissue of a rare, 250 copy private press progressive rock album from France, rated 5 stars in the Pokora Books. Recorded on a 4 track Akai in the small town of Luxueil-les-Bains, this album was only sold at a few shows and in one local shop. Pressed at the small Le Kiosque D’Orphee pressing plant, this was truly a private offering with the band having made and glued the covers themselves. A long album, including the 14+ minute progressive gem ‘Theme Guerre’, the music spans from lo-fi fuzz laden numbers to strong progressive songs with numerous bridges and changes.

Conceptually a Rock Opera, but plays like a full length progressive album that could rival anything from France at the time.

Remastered with wonderful sound quality, this is sure to open the ears of many who’ve overlooked the band until now. (source)

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No request for a re-up! Just a thank you for not closing the blog down as a result of the long parade of brain-dead idiots who still insist on asking for reposts despite the obvious fact you have closed shop on new posts and repost requests.
I just heard the Mar Vista album, reissued by the same label as the one that reissued the Rictus album and I thought if it is even 10% as good as the Mar Vista album, then it was going to be something great - and I am not disappointed -
incredible music. The Strawberry Rain label really has a knack of finding the most obscure and wonderful French private press releases.

For anyone who stumbles across this post and has not heard the Mar Vista album, you can hear it here:


The label also reissued the second afro-rock/funk album by BLO called 'Phase II' which is well worth a listen (as is the first BLO album).

Anyway, hope you guys are doing OK.

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