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The Whiskey Predicament - Escape From the Meat Market (2014)

The Whiskey Predicament is Nate Fey's one-man band based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has produced multiple records of lo-fi original tunes since its inception in 2010. The garage folk rock project is influenced by the Velvet Underground, Dylan and the Doors, and often plays dark and divey venues in the Charlotte area. Its third full length record "Escape From the Meat Market" was released in 2014, and its fourth LP "Cold and Free" is expected this coming winte.

The Whiskey Predicament is Nate Fey and his twisted version of happy go unlucky acoustic rock played through a gramophone. It’s a kitsch way of dealing with music that allows you to embrace a very DIY approach to recording and then run with it and Nate makes it shine... Nate’s voice has a warm and floaty feel to it, as if there were a few whiskies involved in the recording process! This however adds to the pub-like ramshackle way of enjoying grass-roots music and only adds to the atmosphere... One for downing pints to.
- Simon Smith, Higher Plain Music

"Lovely garage folk... Play repeatedly."
- Space Rock Mountain

All songs written, performed and recorded by Nate.

This record is dedicated to Ma.

PS. Nate freely admits to being a big fan of the Savage Saints blog and recommends it to all serious consumers of obscure punk, folk and psychedelic sound mediums.


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