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The Free Pop Electronic Concept - A New Exciting Experience (1969)

The Lameirinhas brothers, Jess and James, have a long, distinguished and semi-successful musical career. Not well known in England, they cut a series of singles under their own names, and then as Move, which got them continental recognition. This little gem, long-lost save for a few obscure copies, has become a cult classic since it was recorded in 1969. Good, pop-inspired free jazz overlaid with cinematic sound effects is the template, which is an interesting, if not entirely convincing experiment.

The fun comes courtesy of Arsene Souffraiu, a classical composer who clearly knew Pierre Henry's work, and was certainly entrenched in the early 50s' burgeoning electronic music scene (he set up Belgium's only electronic music studio, BIMES, in 1959). Perhaps because he added all the effects later, there is a disconnection between the musicians and the electronics, which, although perhaps inevitable, seems clumsy in retrospect.

At worst it sounds like The Daleks have invaded a blaxplotation movie, though in places the synergy is better, making for passages of remarkable music where the two worlds blend to create something genuinely different. This early venture marks an important step in the marriage of rhythmic music and electronic instruments; if only it had resulted in a genuine classic.

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