Rod St.James - Has Anybody Seen The Superstar (1972)

A superb slice of the swinging seventies as seen through the eyes of one contender to the throne...Rod St James. Originally released on the small budget label Paula (cat numberLPS 2218) in 1972, this obscure psych/soul/folk rock album is a superb example of years gone by and lost in aging summer sands with flairs and sunglasses to match. Very little is known about Rod..information is thin on the ground but those who have heard this album always rate it extremely highly. Contains some great heavy guitar work (wailing fuzz and wha -wha), funky percussion, Trippy organ, with laid back cool phased hippie vocals. The second half of the album showcasing a more “folky” feel. One of the more mainstream sounding albums to be released on Radioactive but if you’re after a sound that sums up an era ..this is the album ! ! ! Think Donovan meets James Taylor. (source)

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