VA - Ameridian Music of Chile: Aymara, Qaqashqar, Mapuche (1975)

In Chile today there are three indigenous groups who are direct descendants from pre-Hispanic dwellers of America: the Aymara, the Qawashqar (also called Alakaluf), and the Mapuche (also called Araucanian). The Aymara inhabit the Andean mountains and Altiplano located in Chile’s two most northern provinces, Tarapaca and Antofagasta; the Qawashqar are one of the oldest of the original inhabitants of the southernmost region of this planet, the Tierra del Fuego; the Mapuche live mainly in the region called "the Frontier" or the "Araucania" in central Chile, located in the provinces of Malleco and Cantín. (folkways)

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