N.A.D.M.A. - Uno Zingaro Di Atlante Con Un Fiore a New York (1973)

Końcówka lat sześćdziesiątych, początek i połowa lat siedemdziesiątych to muzycznie bardzo interesujący okres we Włoskiej muzyce rockowej i jazzowej. N.A.D.M.A. (Natural Arkestra De Maya Alta) to jeden z wielu krótkotrwałych muzycznych projektów tej sceny. Muzyka grupy jest bardzo eklektyczna ze zdecydowanym odchyleniem w stronę eksperymentów - jest to mix free jazzu i muzycznej tradycji Wschodu i Zachodu. Grupa pozostawił po sobie dwie ciekawe płyty "Uno Zingaro Di Atlante Con Un Fiore A New York" oraz koncertową "Paura". Obie są warte poznania.

Marino Vismara - cello
Gustavo Bonora - cello, violun
Mino Ceretti - double bass
Ines Klok - harp, tambura, pocket violin  
Marco Cristofolini - percussion, oriental violin
David Mosconi - piano 
Franco Pardi - alto sax, bugle
Otto Davis Corrado  - soprano, baritone sax

 A history of improvised music produced in Italy during the Sixties and Seventies, or of creative music as at the time it would have been defined, in order to incorporate all those experiences that pushed the improvisational practice of jazz toward buondaries closer to avant-garde music, would only be partially complete without a proper appreciation, and timely revaluation, of the NADMA phenomenon and of the various groups which followed and preceeded this experience. NADMA itself was born as an extention of a previous "Quartetto", which was founded by Davide Mosconi and Marco Cristofolini in 1968 with the fundamental contributions of Gustavo Bonora and Enzo Gardenghi. The distinguished legacy of the group has been hidden from view to nearly everybody until now. The discovery and classification of the original reel tapes owned by Mosconi enabled italian indie label Alga Marghen to reissue a large group of recordings which traces the creative activities of the "Quartetto", of NADMA and of the various offsprings that followed. A complete series of CDs will document those activities. The first NADMA title of this unique CD series is "Paura" (live 1973). NADMA was officially born between August and the beginning of September 1972 during the time spent in a little village in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The identity and musical orientation of the NADMA collective centered on the convergence of heterogeneous interests and sentibilities coming from avant-garde jazz experiences liberated by post-free curents, from classical studies, or from musicians also active as visual artists, who had cultivated an instrumental practice utilising spontaneous expression. All the group members assimilated and creatively incorporated the most progressive influences of Afro-American music and the contemporary neo-avantgarde, but shifted noticeably in the direction of the contemplative and ecstatic vitality of non-European, especially African, musical cultures. The Natural Arkestra Da Maya Alta was, and still is, known to a limited group of devoted listeners on the merits of the only record released by italian RCA back in 1973. NADMA was Davide Mosconi's experimental progressive group, their unique album "Uno zingaro di Atlante con un fiore a New York", originally released by RCA,  is highly requested by collectors and is unavailable on CD since a very long time !!!

The group, which represented one of the most innovative entities among the collectives of improvisers active in those years, perfectly expressed its musical virtues in a limited number of periodic live events. The concerts took place mostly in Milan during 1973-74.

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