Massicot - Suri Gruti (2016)

Surrealna czwórka szwajcarskich dziewczyn z Genewy ze swoimi muzycznymi pomysłami, dla których inspiracją był Man Ray i jego filmy.

The Geneva quartet Massicot sounds as if it can barely keep its own energy under control. The no-frills, bone-dry guitar sound oscillates between hypnotically repetitive passages and noisy outbursts. The quartet's songs are reduced to mere skeletons that burst with intensity. Simone Aubert plays rhythm guitar with a manic energy; Lea Jaecklin coaxes sounds from her violin that have more to do with electronics than with a stringed instrument. Drummer Colline Grosjean works her way from Funk to Krautrock to tropical beats and back. And in addition to her work as a singer, Mara Krastina plays a charming, bright red mini-bass.

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