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Sameti (1972)

Sameti to efemeryczny projekt muzyczny, który wykiełkował na gruncie różnych zmian personalnych w różnych ówczesnych grupach, a w szczególności Amon Duul II. Zresztą stylistycznie nie jest on bardzo odległy od dokonań tej grupy. Płyta zasługuje jednak na uwagę, a muzycznie jest jedną z ciekawszych pozycji z kręgu krautrocka. Polecam.

Sameti was created in Munich in 1971 after Christian "Shrat" Thiele had left Amon Duul II. Their first album consists of one side long improvisation: "Anotherwaytosee", and one side of four semi-structured works. The music itself has similarities with Amon Duul II, but is less imaginative. Their lyrics apparently dealt with their personal habits: "I'm used to smoke - slipped into my music I'm used to stumble through my stoney days Come over big fat brother joint Come touch my body A long life to that stoned hero".

Sameti is related to Embryo but more strongly to Amon Duul which is strikingly proofed by the style presented on their debut album here. The material offered here can be described roughly as highly drug-inspired free-form and hard-edged space rock that is krautrock in its real literal sense if choosing its meaning of weed. First side of the original vinyl contains four quite well-done loosely-structured tracks with great dual guitar and some occasional sax solos. The only point I can grumble about is Shrat’s vocal performance that I found already annoying on A.D. II’s stuff, quite awful I’ve to say but that’s probably a matter of taste. Side two is occupied by the 22 minute improvised piece "Anotherwaytosee" which is really remarkable and wouldn’t have been out of place on “Tanz der Lemminge” for example. I wouldn’t call this band necessarily an excellent addition to any Prog collection but anyway I’d recommend it to all Krautrock afficiados and in particular fans of Amon Düül.

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