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Imperial Pompadours - Ersatz (1982)

Ersatz to jednorazowy, trochę schizofreniczny projekt pomysłu Barney'a Bubblesa i muzyków z grupy Hawkwind. To iście muzyczny kolaż sięgający wielu gatunków muzycznych przez eksperymenty beefheartowskie po punk rocka. Warto się zapoznać z tą pozycją.

Nik Turner - Sax/Voc
Trev Thoms - Guitar/Voc
Dino Ferrari - Drums
Barney Bubbles - Genius

This album was the idea of Graphic Designer Barney Bubbles, (You know him from the classic early Hawkwind sleeves or his work with Elvis Costello and F-Beat records). He chose all of the cover versions on side one and after recording the originals onto a cheap cassette recorder he took them to the band, here`s the catch: he only let them hear the songs -once- ...cue various members scribbling down chords/lyrics/etc.. then the band had to re-assemble the songs from these scraps of information... this expalins why this is the -wierdest- damn album you`ll ever hear... "Insolence Across The Nation" is the story of one Mr Hitler it`s basically acted readings from his book "Mein Kampf" set to the music of Wagner.. "Its heavy man.."

Thanks to lamaraba blog.

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