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Ethnoevolution (2006)

Wandering Festival of Traditional Ukrainian Art.

In spite of that lately the number of various collections has been growing incessantly and it becomes more difficult to surprise the audience with this or that collection, this disc no doubt has its expressive face. Not simply expressive – interesting, friendly, deep, joyous, fresh, eternal... This impression is produced due to two factors. On the one hand, Ukrainian folk songs mainly sound on the disc, at that such that can hardly be called well-known. However, even the three quite authors' songs that sound here – intertwine in the general background quite naturally (and it would be strange if it were different). And on the other hand – that half of the songs are represented in the authentic version, while the second half sounds in modernized, reconsidered variants. Actually, this is really one of many displays of the ethnoevolution – from authentic music to ethno-rock, right? And here it is pleasant to mark that this reconsideration is careful – even in some of its radical displays. The festival is quite young, but the attitude to the world that it conveys – is the right grain, which is unlikely to get lost among the weed. We hope that this disc will become a persuasive argument for the benefit of such thought.

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1. Chajka (Propala Hramota)
2. Chumak voly zavertaje (Ocheretjanyj Kit)
3. Sonechko shodyt' (Ilona Opikula)
4. Perepilon'ka (Holubka)
5. Kazka pro Kozaka ta chorta (Sami Svoji)
6. JaNEBUDUKAVUPYLA (Yanka Kozyr's Orchestra)
7. Vesnjanka (Karpatijany)
8. Kazka pro staroho kozaka, rizdvjanoho chorta, chotyry rohy ta kozac'kyj rid (Lirnyk Sashko (Olexandr Vlasjuk))
9. Perenica (Fanfary Orkestra)
10. Oj proschaj Kyjiv (Folk ensemble "Kralytsia")
11. Sho uchora izvechora ("Bozhychi" folk ensemble)
12. Zorjanyj Herc' (Vohnesmih)

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