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Ougenweide (1973)

Ougenweide is a Teutonic musical collective formed at the beginning of the 70’s. Their music consists of “pastoral” folk rock compositions with Middle Ages influences. The band features Minne Graw (vocals, Harmonium...), Olaf Casalich (vocals, acoustic percussions), Stefen Wulff (bass guitar, accordion and keyboard), Wolgang von Henko (Mandoline, guitars and vocals), Jurgen Isenbarth (Marimbaphone, Vibraphone, vocals) and Frank Wulff (bombard, bouzouki, mandoline, sitar…). They recorded their first album in 1973. Since 1974 until the end of the 70’s they published several albums for Polydor label. They released their last album in 1981 before to split up in 1985. The band reformed in 1996 for a reunion album called “Sol”. Both released in 1976, “Orhrenschmausen” and “Eulenspiegel” represent their most notorious efforts. Two classics in the mood of authentic “Pagan” folk rock music with a great variety of acoustic instruments from medieval (with mandolin, flute, Krummhorn…) to “World” (sitar, bongos, marimba…). The result is unique and highly inspired, introducing the listener in an “enchanting” poetic, mythical world. Beautiful lyrics in German accompany tremendous prog folk instrumentations.

With a better capacity of innovation in popular music and with an exquisite sense of medieval music, Ougenweide is the Teutonic version of prog folk bands as Gryphon, Malicorne… Their traditional folk music mixed with rock can also be compared to the Germans of Parzival.

Ougenweide ’s discography is considered as a valuable document about profane, secular music.

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