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Residual Echoes - MFI GBSP (2006)

Ignore the rather impenetrable Autechre-isms of the title and dive right in here – Residual Echoes have come up with a really rather lovely disc of psychedelic folk goodness. No surprise then that the very prolific Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) is one of the guilty parties, along with his chum and Comets on Fire bandmate Ethan Miller and frontman Adam Payne. Of course comparisons with Six Organs of Admittance (particularly the new album ‘The Sun Awakens’) are inevitable, and in some ways justified, but ‘MSI-GBSP’ is a different beast entirely, it is more frenetic, more unpredictable, more tribal and more primal. There’s something almost cathartic about listening to these guys pound their emotions out across four ten minute ragas, starting so quietly and ending up in a barrage of noise and percussion. Anyone who holds a torch for the current psych movement needs to grab hold of this pretty quickly, fans of Sunburned hand of the Man, Fonal records and Digitalis – I’m talking about you guys. Highly recommended and totally out of this world.

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