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First Chips - Volume One (1972)

Nie potrafię nic bliższego powiedzieć o tej dziwnej grupie, a szkoda - bo jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem. Jest to pomieszanie psychedelii, ale ze sporą domieszką muzycznych eksperymentów. Z tego, co wiem nie było wydania na kompakcie. Natknąłem się na to wydawnictwo gdzieś w sieci. Album został wydany własnym sumptem przez jednego z muzyków przez wytwórnię Clay Pigeon w ilości 500 egzemplarzy.

Vyto Beleska - guitar, bass, percussion, violin, vocals
Gary Greenberg - guitar, vocals
Ed Westphal - bass, guitar, vocals
Arvy Tumosa, Gene Lynch - bass
Denny Murray, Ted Adanek, Darick Nava - drums

"What can I say? I mean all these cats kept comming [sic] over to funky ol' Clay Pigeon Studios, and I would play them all these dusty tapes (for old times' sake or something), and, in the meantime, keep telling them how pretty soon things would be comming [sic] together for Clay Pigeon Studios as to LP releases and all that. Well, no one was shook by all the groovy prspects (which put me through some changes 'cause the new stuff was sure to be farther out), but just everybody was fallin' out over all these ancient things, and I would please make them a copy or two. Well, at first it wasn't too bad, but then everybody wanted a copy, and so I thought and thought and thoughtabout it and said No, it's too old and sloppy, and all the groups have broken up, and it wouldn't stand up to the new things, and then I thought and thought some more and said well, the new things haven't been done yet, and all this is just rotting away in the can, and hell, it would be nice to have a collection of the old stuff too, and to make a long story short, here is First Chips You might even like it !" - Vyto B

500 copies pressed, distributed personally by Beleska

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