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JPT Scare Band - Jamm Vapour (2001)

JPT Scare Band to swoisty klejnocik w plejadzie psychodelii. Muzycy ewidentnie byli pod wpływem sfuzowanych eksperymentów Jimi Hendrixa i hołdowali tej pięknej tradycji. Grupa zdążyła zrealizować tylko kilka nagrań pomiędzy 1973-1976 rokiem - ukazały się one na płycie "Sleeping Sickness", która moim zdaniem powinna znaleźć się w kolekcji każdego szanującego się konesera. Nie wiem z jakich powodów grupa rozwiązała się. Później pojawiały się inne "wykopaliska" z tego czasu, które znalazły się na płycie "Past Is Prologue". Ale o dziwo! - Muzycy postanowili się reaktywować w latach 80-tych i wskrzesić dawnego ducha Fuzza :) I powiem szczerze, że z przyjemnością słucham tego bardzo archaicznego lecz "współczesnego" brzmienia.

Jeff Littrell - drums
Terry Swope - vocal, guitar
Paul Grigsby - bass

JPT Scare Band has been blazing psychedelic trails for quite some time now. Over the years and decades they have managed to progress from totally unknown to painfully obscure. In spite of all that... they are still together, with the original lineup intact. Still making meaningful music in the 21st century, this veteran group of jammers is also proud of their vast legacy of classic twisted insanity recorded back in olden analogue times.

Here and there, in odd corners of the world, growing numbers of those who love the old school guitar crazy heavy rock have somehow become aware of the existence of JPT.

The band was featured in an article in the March 2007 issue of Classic Rock Magazine titled, "Lost Pioneers of Heavy Metal" in which they were included in the same exalted company with Iron Butterfly, Bloodrock and Leafhound. Although they have never considered themselves to be a true heavy metal band, they will take any positive press they can get.

The members of JPT are extremely proud of the fact that their first two albums were released on vinyl only. Good luck finding a copy of one, as they are long out of print. Their first CD, Sleeping Sickness, was originally released on Monster Records and featured tracks from the two vinyl albums. Sadly, Monster Records imploded and simply vanished into thin air due to heavy craziness and the suicide of one of the two founding partners. The Sleeping Sickness CD was out of print for many years, but was reissued in April 2009. Two of the tracks on the Past Is Prologue CD ("Sleeping Sickness" and "Time To Cry") were originially featured on vinyl and then reprised on the Sleeping Sickness CD.

Their Past Is Prologue CD is still in print and is available at CD Baby and Amazon.com. For any visitors from Europe, JCR Music News in Paris can fix you right up. You can also download JPT Scare Band tunes and albums to your iPod from iTunes.com.

The band released an album of all new original material titled Jamm Vapour in 2007. There are a few tunes from the Jamm Vapour CD up on this site. "Jello Jamm," "Right Mind" and "Amazons" are featured tracks from Jamm Vapour.

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Killer post this is the best of there sound even better then their 70's sound.


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