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The Horrors (US) - Autodramatics - Paul Cary

No żesz do kurwy nędzy .... I znowu mi szczęka opadła. To poznawanie wciąż nowych rzeczy staje się chyba niebezpieczne i chorobliwe. Tym razem stało się to za przyczyną jednego człowieka, który maczał palce we wszystkich prezentowanych pozycjach - niejakiego Paula Cary'a. Nie zdążyłem jeszcze przeszperać internetu żeby się zgłębić w ten temat, ale dzielę się z nim na gorąco - tak samo jak gorąca jest ta muzyka.

The Horrors - Vent (2003)

The Horrors to sposób na nudę w mieście Cedar Rapids (Iowa), gdzie postawiono pierwszy meczet na terenie USA. Nuda przekuta w dziką i garażową odmianę rock'n'rolla, krzyczy twarzą podobną do Pussy Gallore. Grupa niestety już nie istnieje. (serpent)

Paul Cary – vocals & guitar
Andrew Joseph Caffrey – guitar
Jamie Mclees – drums

Back in 2OOO three 2O-year-olds belched up one extremely raw debut recording: in your face, out of tune, overblown, 1OO% pure raunch that you could actually dance to… kind of. They toured the States and Europe to wild acclaim for their explosive live performances. The Horrors are now finally ready to drop their second album; this time they traveled to Memphis, and enlisted Greg Cartwright (formerly of The Oblivians, currently with Reigning Sound) to produce at the legendary Easley Studios. The results are what could be called a quantum leap for the band; some of the words are actually understandable this time. The boys still lay down quite a filthy blend of country blues, rockabilly and retardo garage punk, but this time the results are much more cohesive and, well, danceable. Kind of. This is a sincere and honest attempt by The Horrors to create rock'n'roll along the lines of the bands they worship - The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Howlin' Wolf. The end results, however, earn them a rightful place along side the likes of The Gories and The Oblivians in the scuzz blues hall of fame. There's no one else doing this type of shit as good as The Horrors these days - believe that!

Autodramatics - Find The Gun (2008)

Autodramatics to efemeryczny projekt Paula Cary'a. Grupa nagrała tylko jedną płytę i to w bardzo ograniczonym nakładzie.

Raw Punk Blues from Iowa. Here's the new project by Andrew Caffrey from the fame of The Horrors (the U.S. band on In The Red, of course). Killer stuff! Only 300 copies. (Goodbye Boozy)

Paul Cary - Ghost Of A Man (2010)

Solowa, nieco spokojniejsza od dokonań The Horrors płyta Cary'a.

When “The Curse of China Bull,” the first track of Ghost of a Man, the new solo album from deposed Horrors frontman Paul Cary (no, not the good Horrors. Some other one) comes on, it promisingly blends haunting rockabilly with old, old, old-school blues--think Robert Johnson. When track two, “Yes Machine,” comes on, it repeats the exact same trick. When track three, “Iryna,” comes on, it...well, Cary is nothing if not reliably, unflappably, slightly sadly predictable.

At his best, Cary recalls a slowed down Fake Problems, except with far fewer instances of country-rock, humor or awesomeness. At his worst, well, he sounds like every other self-important rocker with a fetish for early 1900s blues. Yeah, the recording quality mimics scratchy recordings from yesteryear and yeah, he gets the chords right, but why anyone would feel the need to reach this far back into the rock ‘n’ roll canon is beyond me. While the songs never grate (although lines like “Where do all the wild things go?” and “Someone take the needle off the record and stick it in my eye” are laughable), they sure do bore.

Ghost of a Man has the following things going for it: Cary’s songs are at least short and focused. He doesn't seem to have too much ego about himself. Even though the tunes are stripped down--vox, guitar chords and drum and bass parts so simple they usually play a single note per measure--he never forces himself to be the star. His voice is suited to the genre--it just happens to be a dull genre. That said, “Bad People,” near the end of the record, slides in some slight mariachi rhythms to great effect, hinting that maybe Cary might have some better ideas in store. (punknews.org)

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