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Kim Fowley Jr - Son Of Frankenstein (1981)

Kim Fowley to amerykański wokalista, producent i kompozytor. Urodził się w 1942 roku w Los Angeles. We wczesnych latach 60-tych współpracował z grupami Paul Revere & The Raiders, Catem Stevensem, Dave'em Masonem i Soft Machine. W roku 1966 był producentem - kamienia milowego w muzyce rockowej - płyty "Freak Out" The Mothers Of Invention. Nagrywał też sporo płyt solowych. Na jednej z nich - "Outrageous" z 1968 roku - znalazło się znamienne credo artystyczne Fowley'a: "Nazywam się Kim Fowley. Byłem już skończony, ale rock'n'roll uratował moją duszę malując obrazy na waszych pustych głowach". Muzyka Fowley'a to mieszanina bluesa (ala Captain Beefheart), psychedelii, folku, country i muzycznych eksperymentów. Prezentowany album to swoista artystyczna prowokacja firmowana jako Kim Fowley Jr - syna, którego nigdy nie było. Powstała w 1981 roku, czyli w okresie boomu punkowego i zawiera bardzo interesujące proto-punkowe nagrania.

Another typically fucked up opus from the Marquis De Fowley. Actually, considering it's 1981 vintage, this is one of his more listenable works - much of it sounds relatively ad hoc but Fowley's evidently in high spirits throughout so even the weaker tracks are entertaining (which is what it's all about, eh Mr Impresario?). I've not entirely sure what he's rambling on about most of the time & I suspect he doesn't either, but he manages to be witheringly sarcastic & engagingly earnest simultaneously - without sounding like a total fucking idiot - which is pretty impressive. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the kinda guy who laughs at his own jokes though...

Released c/o the uber-obscure Moxie label, Son Of Frankenstein is split evenly between guitar-driven proto-punk songs & synth 'n' poetry improvs. The opening "Face On The Factory Floor" is one of my favourite Fowley songs ever, & you might recognise "Invasion Of The Polaroid People" from Add N To (X)'s cover on their Loud Like Nature LP which utilised generous chunks of the Fowley original as "inspiration". A couple of things I didn't know about him (which cropped up when I was perusing his Wikipedia entry): he produced the first Soft Machine 45, early Slade (aka N'Betweens) & (!!) Helen Reddy. Though he's now undoubtably attained the legendary status he always designated to himself anyway, I'm still not convinced he's the sort of feller I'd invite back for a post-gig tipple.. (note from ilovetotaldestruction.blogspot.com)

Kim Fowley Jr. - Son of Frankenstein 1981 - Moxie Records. Another oddball release by the legendary Kim Fowley under the guis of a non-existent son. Pretty amazing and out there material on this release. Not really any info on this record out on the net. Highly Recommended!

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