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Sonic Flower - Heavy Sonic And Flower Groove(2003)

Tatsu - Bass
Hoshi - Guitar
Arisa - Guitar
J.J. - Drums

Sonic Flower from Japan featuring Church of Misery members is a great stonerrific guitar rock instrumental outfit on par with bands like Atomic Bitchwax and Elternal Elysium as far as shredding guitar tone and riffs go.

"Not that Sonic Flower is copying either band, they have their own take- it's aggressive, but laid back 70's influenced classic rock with tons of blues leads and tinged with doom. A lot of the music can be compared to Blues Creation and Sabbath alike, lots of blistering soulful Hendrix style leads and busy drums...overall tight musicianship and riff after catchy riff of blues doom, what more can you really ask for?"

"I will come out and say this much, if you are a fan of early Monster Magnet, Ed Mundell, or Eternal Elysium; then chances are you are going to love this great, but cut short IMO CD. If you, however, have a problem with lots of guitar leads and instrumental outfits, then you might pass. This thing is a heavy tuned down sludgy tight riff library of blues and soul...not for the timid."

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