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Silver Apples - The Garden (1998)

"The Garden" to trzeci album nagrany w latach 1968-1969 duetu Silver Apples. Płyta została wydana dopiero po latach w 1998 roku. Stylistycznie jest to w dalszym ciągu kontynuacja poprzednich płyt, ale według mnie bardziej hermetyczna i eksperymentalna.

New pressing for the Silver Apples “lost” third album, which was originally released in 1998. For those that don’t know, the Silver Apples released just two albums in 1968 and 69, records which were promptly ignored by the general public and eventually became those kind of high influence pieces that bands from nearly every genre cite as cornerstones. I guess you could reasonably call it psych rock, but their sound is way bigger than that. This record features 7 full tracks that were recorded in 1969 and 7 tracks that are based on drum instrumentals (!) from 1968 (you can identify those ones by “noodle” in the title). The tracks are alternated throughout the album, which makes for a great listen. As sick as they are, I probably would have burned out on a full album of the drum tracks or even 7 of them in a row, but mixed intermittently with the full sound of the Apples floating psych vocals and I’m looking forward to both things with rapt attention. You should check em out the same way: near-hymnal style on “Again,” hard as fuck drums on “Cannonball Noodle,” 23 million miles ahead on “I Don’t Care What People Think,” bass synth ripping alongside the kit on “Anasazi Noodle,” the Apples twerking rock classic “Mustang Sally,” and back to the knock on “Starlight Noodle.” As opposed to the release that came out in 98 on Whirly Bird, they have also included two bonus unreleased tracks. This is really exceptional shit and highly recommended (good job Bully!) - MGMT.

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