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Ten Years After - Eagles Auditorium (1969)

Even though Woodstock showcased Ten Years After to the world, the blues-rock band could not really break out to the masses the way Cream did on their own. Here is an old press report about Alvin Lee when he was in The Jaybirds before the group turned into Ten Years After (in 1966):

Alvin broke new ground when he was forced to play a lashing, stinging five-minute solo intro to “Money” as chairs and fists flew dangerously close to the stage. But in those days Alvin had quite a reputation as an innovator. Many have still never recovered from the traumatic effects of the time he tottered into the hall on the first pair of Cuban heel boots ever seen in Sutton… But Alvin had a certain polish even then. The group’s “Poison Ivy” was thought by many to be an improvement on The Stones’ EP version, and nobody could change from rhythm to lead guitar with quite the same smooth panache as Alvin.

Those who feel that the blues ended with Eric Clapton would be surprised at how good Alvin Lee was. Lee was simply blistering at this 1969 Seattle show.

This is what Ten Years After fan DaBoss posted on the net:

Great show! The ferocity of Alvin Lee’s guitar is incredible - he just pounds and shreds his way through these cuts like a meatgrinder making sausage. This is when they were young and hungry and it shows. Loud, fast and fun. The mix is pretty good, the guitar is the most forward, vocals are mid, drums and cymbals slightly behind vocals and bass somewhat in the back and not all that muddy - considering. The sound quality is at least as good, if not better than the commercially released “Undead” of about the same period - but the performance is much more intense here.

Thanks to 38f for sharing the tracks on the net back in 2005 and to Novella1949 for the artwork. (bigozine)

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Ankh pisze...


Bydlog™ pisze...

Ja bym prosił kiedyś o wspomnienie na temat Tima Hardina.

Bydlog™ pisze...

O przypomniałem sobie - Can też było niezłe.Niezły odjazd.

Ankh pisze...

A Can-ów Ci u nas dostatek :))

Bydlog™ pisze...

No tak - dokopałem się :) !

Pausts pisze...

A jeszcze lepiej Can i Tim Hardin w jednym,trzeba będzie to zaprezentować przy okazji.

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