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The Little Boy Blue - In The Woodland Of Weir (1968)

Little Boy Blues started as a mid-'60s garage rock band leaning toward Rolling Stones-ish blues rock, with a lesser degree of folk-rock. By the time their sole album came out in 1968, however, they were very much into period psychedelic heavy rock, with more of a soul color to some of the songs and the arrangements than the average such band. Comprised entirely of original material (from Little Boy Blue Ray Levin), In the Woodland of Weir is of fair but somewhat anonymous quality, stewing together psychedelic-influenced wordplay, blue-eyed soul, and fuzz guitar-and-organ-drenched harder rocking passages without much cohesion. Though a lot of stylistic ground is covered -- running even beyond the above genres with the good-time bouncy piano-grounded "Is Love," jazzy improvisation on "The Death of Don Quixote," and classical-influenced strings on "Dream Weaver"/"Seed of Love" -- the material doesn't have staying power.

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