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Von Lmo - Future Language (1981)

Von Lmo (pronounced Von Elmo by terrestrial lips) is dedicated to punk/metal rock from outer space. Born in the black light dimension, Von Lmo has a fondness for enlightening the denizens of the Earth to the potential of the galaxy. When he's not solving ecological crises on his adopted planet Strazar, Von Lmo is subjecting Earthlings to his interstellar message: "Advance yourself."

Entrenched in a secret compound in New York's Coney Island, Von Lmo reaches out via secret radio transmissions to communicate the need for mankind to ready themselves for galactic citizenship. These communications take the form of intensely passionate rock music, full of visceral edginess with a demonstrative space punk presence, crafted to enlighten and expand all minds to their full potential.

For Von Lmo, Earth is only a way station, part of a vast network of habitable points scattered throughout the galaxy. Music, raw and intense, is the portal through which the listener can transport themselves to these alien worlds.

Originally recorded in 1981, this 46 minute release has been reissued on CD for the edification of all modern cultures on this planet.

The genre may be heavy metal, but the music fuses other elements to achieve its sound. Passionate saxophone belts out a steady flow of extraterrestrial flair, lending the tuneage space age crazy jazz qualities. Hyperreal drumming generates a solid foundation for the searing feedback guitar and thunderous bass. The vocals are hoarse and commanding, delivering urgent lyrics that cry of tomorrow's cultural promise crashing into today's lifestyle.

The music is raw but hardly crude, hard-edged rock tuneage that grinds your teeth with primal sentiments as it expands your mind. Outer space is the main topic, clearly an obsession for Von Lmo. Possessing touches of spacey electronic effects, the focus is straight-on rock though, a blend of frenzied traditional R&B and punkified metal.

As with such music, you can expect critical guitar solos that blaze their way through the mix, burning riffs into your cerebellum with severe energy and relentless result. There are just as many sax outbursts too, as the horns scream for dominance amid the guitar, bass and drums tapestry. Do not expect the sax to sedate the music, for the sax has monstrous intentions, scheming with wild notes and surging passages to upset the balance of sonic power that seethes here.

Overall, the cumulative effect of this cacophony is invigorating. These dynamic songs are consecrated in galaxies in collision, flaring with interstellar fury and searching to impact with the listeners with explosive resolve. The music is devoted to merging the average man-in-the-street with their unrealized cosmic identity, priming all for a galactic union of purpose.

This release shares some of the same songs as "Cosmic Interception", although presented in alternate performances. (soniccuriosity)

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