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Laddio Bolocko - The Life & Times of Laddio Bolocko (2003)

Laddio Bolocko was a noise rock band from New York City, formed in 1996 by members of Panicsville and the Dazzling Killmen. Their sound has drawn comparisons to experimental rock groups such as This Heat and Can and free jazz musicians like Albert Ayler. The band favored limited releases, offering only small pressings of their original albums. They toured internationally, recording & releasing the EP "As if by Remote" in Europe only.

After disbanding in 2000, Armstrong and St. Ivany formed a new noise rock band, The Psychic Paramount, while Fleming and DeGrazia formed Electric Turn to Me. No Quarter Records released the anthology of Laddio Bolocko in 2003, compiling all three original releases for the first time widely available to the listening public. They were featured in a David Cross DVD entitled "Let America Laugh." (wikipedia)

Repetitive guitars, sudden changes, tight drumming, noise, samples, and some of the fiercest riffs this side of Big Black are collected here on this anthology of the now very, very hard to find releases from Laddio Bolocko, an underground noise rock outfit from N.Y.C. Stripping back noise punk to its essentials works very well for these guys, in that what ends up on record is almost a pummeling. But it's not without its own unspoken sense of humor. The songs are able to transcend bland repetition with sonic touches that make the attitude of the record more "smart ass" than "noisy jerk." It's good to see that there are outfits out there that can still do something with chaos and make it interesting. (Chris True)

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