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Damenbart ‎– Impressionen '71 (1989)

Damenbart belong to krautrock long lost gems. This German trio consists of Erwin Bauer on synthesizer, organ and guitar; Bernd Barth on synthesizer, effects and vocals; and Tina S on lead vocals. Originally written in 1971 but published in 1989 on DOM Elchklang. Their album Impressionen 71 features highly inspired lysergic, hyper-active noisy kraut-jams with a few transcendental psych-drone experimentations, reminiscent of Xhol, Ashra Tempel, Amon Duul II, Anima. Extremely trippy and druggy. (progarchives)

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Pausts pisze...

;-) ;-)

juan manuel muñoz pisze...

hi, any chance to re-post this too albums? http://savagesaints.blogspot.mx/search?q=zoot+money the zoot money and the johnny almond. Thanks in advance

Húndún pisze...

If I recall correctly this band was doing the same thing as Pyramid and playing it off as a krautrock album from the 70s. From what I remember the group has a lot to do with HNAS and probably didnt write the album in 71 (i mean does the material sound like someone wrote it?). Why not perpetrate the myth I guess?

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