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Fleetwood Mac - Live in Boston (1970) full

Fleetwood Mac każdy zna i wie, że grupa należy do klasyki bluesa. Na to wydawnictwo długo polowałem. W zamierzchłych czasach kiedy muzyczna edukacja młodego Polaka pochodziła głównie z fal eteru III Programu Polskiego Radia i prezentowane były całe albumy w jednej z audycji usłyszałem dwupłytowy album "Cerulean". Fenomenalne wersje - ponad 20-minutowy "Rattlesnake Shake" czy "The Green Manlishi" oraz kilka jamów - na długo zapadły mi w pamięci. I oto - proszę - mamy pełny zapis tych koncertów, a na dodatek zremasterowanych. Polecam .... 

Peter Green – guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer – guitar, vocals, piano
Danny Kirwan – guitar, vocals
John McVie – bass guitar
Mick Fleetwood – percussion, drums

Live in Boston (aka "Boston Live" and "Jumping at Shadows") is a live album by British blues-rock band Fleetwood Mac. It was recorded over three nights at the Boston Tea Party venue in Boston, between February 5 and February 7, 1970. The recordings were made for a proposed live album, which was to have been released during 1970 but the project was shelved and the tapes remained unreleased until Shanghai Records issued seven songs from the performances as Live in Boston in February 1985. The album was reissued a few months later as "Jumping at Shadows" by Varrick Records and was re-released again in 1989 as "Boston Live" by Castle Communications. In addition, a number of other compilations featuring material dating from Fleetwood Mac's February 1970 residency at the Boston Tea Party appeared during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In 1998, Snapper Music released a three-volume CD set, titled Live in Boston: Remastered (later reissued as Live at the Boston Tea Party), which collected virtually all of the available tracks from the Boston Tea Party concerts. These three volumes have subsequently been available individually or as a box set. All three volumes were reissued as a four LP set in 2003, under the title Live at the Boston Tea Party.

Recorded during a legendary extended weekend stand in 1970, these live recordings from the three-guitar lineup of Fleetwood Mac have existed in various shoddy, uneven, and sometimes sloppy configurations, but were finally sorted out and released as a triple-disc box (also available individually) in 1999. First-generation source tapes were utilized, approximately an hour's worth of previously unreleased tracks as well as between-song patter is interspersed among the discs, and the running order is restored to match that of the original performance. Live at the Boston Tea Part, Vol. 1, taken from the first set, is a Peter Green bonanza. Kicking off with a sharp "Black Magic Woman," then weaving his liquid guitar lines into an achingly slow cover of Duster Bennett's "Jumping at Shadows," and finally breaking into a formerly unavailable 25-minute version of "Rattlesnake Shake," the disc's centerpiece, Green sings and plays with restrained authority. The extended jam on "Shake" proves that Green was a master improviser, referencing his blues roots even when flying off on spontaneous tangents no less riveting than those of the Allman Brothers or the Grateful Dead. Jeremy Spencer takes the lead on two rollicking Elmore James covers, "I Can't Hold Out" and "Got to Move," the latter seeing the light of day after being hidden in the vaults for 29 years. The set closes with Green's proto-metal "The Green Manalishi" in a riotous 13-minute version that leaves the original four-minute single looking limp. This is the tightest, and most varied of the three albums, and is recommended for newcomers not interested in the entire set. (source)

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