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From garage rock to punk rock - evolution of guitar fuzz: Part VII

But while British Invasion is shooting the curl, an unknown British rhythm'n'blues outfit decides to follow wildly successful route of pop rock birdies and step down with its first American tour in June 1964 even without any hit going on the radio! They are The Rolling Stones, who soon will be bigger than the pope!

Touring around USA The Stones record their second album in Chess studio, in Chicago (known to all collectors as No 2). Soon they'll have their first American single Heart Of Stone / What A Shame released by London Records in November the same year. Eventually it reaches #19 on Billboard Charts.

Second album is being released the same month in UK, where it becomes number one. But in USA it's being renamed and repackaged as 12 X 5 with different track list. Among all these great rockers there's now an important piece of music history - It's All Over Now, which inevitably changes the sound of American garage bands in period of 1965-67 handing them black r'n'b filtered through English working class rawness.

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Anonimowy pisze...

Świetny cykl, czy będzie jeszcze kontynuacja? Pozdrowienia!

Conradino Beb pisze...

23 skidoo!

jestem troche zajety podtrzymywaniem przy zyciu Magivangi, pisaniem ksiazki nomen omen o tej wlasnie muzycznej tematyce i tlumaczeniem pewnego artykulu filmowego, ale na pewno pociagne ten wyklad w przyszlosci...

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