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Kraus - Golden Treasury (2009)

I play guitar, drums, a home-made synthesizer, organ, and tape-loops. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I enjoy medieval and Renaissance music, Japanese traditional music, modernism, psychedelic music, electronic music 1950s-70s and rock and pop of the same era. I try to make my music available for free when I can. Yes I am some kind of communist. (freemusicarchive)

Perfectly poised between analogue electronic mastery and '60s guitar awesomeness. Sounding like a Soviet-era Dr Who special invaded by '60s psych guitarists, Auckland based musician (and Futurians alumni) Kraus' Golden Treasury is one of the most enjoyable and effortlessly adventurous albums you're likely to hear this year. An assured collection of clattering, pop-laced tunes mixed in with lo-tech electronic excursions (often at the same time), these tracks recall the knob-twiddling works of Raymond Scott/Joe Meek with Xpressway-informed undercurrents. A reknowned maker of electronic musical devices, Kraus has recorded this LP with an impeccable ear for aural aesthetics. These tracks are bite-sized chunks of goodness - check out second track O'erdose with it's caveman playing-guitar-on-a-mountaintop vibe, hints of electronic buzz peek out from behind hermetic soloing. The deployment of mysterious (Middle Eastern?) guitar scales adds to a feeling of distant worlds revealed. Happening for Lulu is a catchy gem featuring some lovely flute alongside spot-on guitar licks, while the tipsy tumbling of sherry keeps listeners enjoyably off-balance. The excellently titled Ode to a Delicious Pudding says it all. A winner - worth tracking down. (Chris Cudby/Real Groove Magazine)

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