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Sandro Brugnolini - Overground (1970)

Weird instrumental grooves from composer Sandro Brugnolini – played by a small combo that almost has a sound library feel! We know Brugnolini most from his soundtrack work, and this set's got a similar flair for odd sounds and weird rhythms – played here by a group that features organ, two guitars, bass, and drums – plus lots of unusual effects that make the whole thing sound strange and trippy! The music is a weird amalgam of funky jazz and soundtrack modes – familiar at points, but really offbeat at others – with a few key groovers mixed with mellower, more atmospheric numbers. Titles include "Cromaton", "Amofen", "Celluin", "Andrie's Dream", "Roxy", "Simanite", "Brain", and "Cortex".

Recorded in Roma, 12 & 13 March 1970

Giorgio Carnini: Organ, Piano
Giovanni Tommaso: Bass, Effect
Silvano Chimenti: guitar
Angelo Baroncini: guitar
Enzo Restuccia: drum
Sandro Brugnolini: Composer

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