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Various Artists - Movers! (2007)

“Essential wax for any sexy 60’s psychedelic party. A double vinyl release from the VERY cool Vampisoul label containing tonnes of tracks and bands you probably will have never heard of. Amazingly shagadelic!” MODART (UK)

“This is real dirty soul: some of the production is appalling, raw, untouched, and it’s precisely this which gives the finishing touch to the energy, the raw soul energy.”  FLY – GLOBAL MUSIC CULTURE (UK)

"YEAH! The perfect companion for a good-taste party at your apartment (let your neighbours join!), and mucho more." LOOP 23

The Vampisoul label is another in a line of several new labels, making some of the most obscure 60s and 70s funk and soul bands I've ever come across, readily available on CD for the first time, which is not surprisingly awesome! As a fan of obscure music, it's always a joy to come across artists. I've never heard of or heard of but never heard due to the difficulty of finding them on CD let alone vinyl. Movers, a compilation featuring a laundry list of many rare exciting old artists whose albums they are re-releasing is a great way to figure out who's album you'd like to run out and buy.

A standout track "Las 4 Culturas" by Rabbit's & Carrot's is so filled with the "Jame's Brown" kind of funk while also blending Spanish music and soul into the mix, that it still sounds groundbreaking. It makes you wonder why an act like this is virtually unknown today. Right off the bat, I'd buy an album from this group! Another track "Guitar Big Band" by Dennys Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band is an exciting and interesting mix of soul, funk and psychedelic guitars that is a fun listen. The album is chock full of styles of funk and soul coming at you from a little left of center as each artist seems to be putting some sort of twist on it. This in itself makes Movers worth checking out. While there are many plus' on this comp, one minus includes a song that is pretty bad called "Chicken Thighs" by Andre Williams, in which he uses a talking sing-song style where he sings about, take a wild guess . . . his love of chicken thighs, which comes off sounding pretty lame and gets annoying quick! The Soul Searchers and Soul Survivors each have a track here and both are standout bands with songs that have driving soul sounds that are truly exciting and fun.

This a great compilation of all the acts that have either "Best of" or full-length album reissues out on the Vampisoul label. With a strong stable of artists and songs, The Vampisoul label’s Movers compilation is a great start or end to finding some really fun and obscure artists to groove to. If you're throwing a super cool dance party at your place, you really can't lose with this one. Just remember to invite me! (source)

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