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Joakim Skogsberg - Indi Dust Garden (1999)

Joakim Skogsberg to szwedzki artysta urodzony w 1946 roku w Sztokholmie. Znany ze swych proekologicznych poglądów, w latach 60-tych brał udział w wielu różnych projektach artystycznych, współpracował m. in. także z grupą Träd, Gräs och Stenar. Szersze uznanie zyskuje wraz z wydaniem fenomenalnej acid folkowej płyty "Jola Rota" w 1971 roku, nagranej przy współpracy z muzykami z zespołu Kebnekaise. Po długiej przerwie, w  1999 roku ukazuje się nagrany w podobnym duchu i nie mniej wciągający album "Indi Dust Garden", zawierający m. in. przykłady transowych eksperymentów z głosem. To olejny przykład znakomitych umiejętności Szwedów w łączeniu psychodelii z etnicznymi brzmieniami.

Joakim was born in November 1946 in Stockholm, and got interested by nature in an early age. Perhaps it was because his grandfather was a boat builder on the Dal River fisherman and his Grandma was magic knowledgeable and had a divine laughter? He worked with many of his own and joint projects in the creative 60's in Stockholm, where film, music and art flowed together in “happenings.” Among other things he recorded some live gigs with Träd, Gräs och Stenar (the “Festen Pa Gärdet” CD). He later moved from the city to the nature in Jämtland in the middle of Sweden.

Jola Rota was recorded on the very small label GUMP in 1971 (which was actually the big Metronome labels side project for more experimental music). It's inspired by folkmusic from Jämtland. The kind of humming that is on the record is traditionally called “Jola” and “Rota”. The record was produced by Swedish artist Pugh Rogefeldt who's also on the record, as well as some members of folkpsych group Kebnekajse .

Lately Skogsberg has made a living on art (painting etc), and in recent years been involved with some music in much the same form as on Jola Rota, thus Jamtlandish folk. In 1999 he released the album “Dust Indi Garden” which is very similar to his LP and includes the 43 minutes long song “Holi bands.” The last two discs, “Black'n'Red Blues” and “Booga Heart” are less official and exist only in very small edition of about 50-100 copies and are in first place meant for his friends, acquaintances and members of various art associations. (lastfm)

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