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Cheval Fou (1994)

Cheval Fou gave a first whinny as a French rock trio around the frontman and a guitarist named Michel Peteau in 1971. Michel had got pretty impressed by European Rock scene, especially the Who, and strove to make a similar impact by playing guitar, that could be crystallized as an incarnation of Heavy / Psych / Krautrock movement by three talented underground musicians in Paris - Jean Max Peteau (guitar, bass), Stephene Rossini (drums), and Michel (guitar, saxophone).

Cheval Fou had recorded some material from 1971 until 1975, that had not released in their active days. Fortunately a short-lived French independent label Legend Music compiled their material and released in 1994 (and this compilation has been reissued and rereleased via Psych Up Melodies in 2011). Michel's announced he would reform the band sooner or later. (progarchives)

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