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Mike Mainieri - Journey Thru An Electric Tube (1969)

Mike Mainieri  – amerykański wibrafonista i producent muzyczny. W przemyśle muzycznym obecny jest od połowy lat 50. XX wieku. Współpracował z takimi muzykami jak Paul Whiteman, Buddy Rich, Benny Goodman, Coleman Hawkins czy Wes Montgomery. W 1979 r. był założycielem grupy Steps Ahead, wykonującej muzykę z pogranicza jazz-rocka i fusion. Z zespołem tym nagrał 11 płyt (do 2005 r.), będąc jego liderem. Na swoim koncie posiada kilkanaście solowych płyt, z których najwyżej przez krytyków oceniona została An American Diary, wydana w 1994 roku. Był producentem trzech albumów Carly Simon.

Mike Mainieri - electric vibes
Jeremy Steig - flute
Joe Beck - electric guitar
Sam Brown - electric guitar, classical guitar
Warren Bernhardt - piano, organ
Hal Gaylor - bass
Chuck Rainey - electric bass
Donald MacDonald - drums
Sally Waring - vocals

Michael T. Mainieri, Jr. (born July 4, 1938, the Bronx, New York City) is a vibraphonist best known for his work with the jazz fusion group Steps Ahead.

Mainieri was a pioneer in introducing an electronic vibraphone, known as a "synth-vibe" and has recorded with such musicians as Buddy Rich, Wes Montgomery and Jeremy Steig. He performed for a live album by Laura Nyro, and was featured on several tracks from the Dire Straits album Love Over Gold as well as on Ride Across the River on the album Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits album). He performed on the album Heart To Heart by David Sanborn and Tiger In The Rain by Michael Franks. He has also released numerous albums and videos as a leader for a variety of labels, most notably his 1980 album for Warner Bros. entitled Wanderlust, which featured Michael Brecker and other members of Steps Ahead. There is good video footage of Mainieri performing live with David Sanborn, Neil Larsen, Robben Ford, etc. on David Sanborn's Live At Montreux 1984 DVD as part of bonus footage from 1981.As a producer, he produced three albums for Carly Simon.Mainieri married singer-songwriter/harpist Dee Carstensen in 1993. They have a daughter, Ruby Anna.

Journey Through an Electric Tube is not likely to be high on anyone's list, just as Mainieri is an obscure vibist. Journey may well be a cash-in on Dave Pike's success with The Doors of Perception and similar works. Journey features excellent ideas and playing and of course Sonny Lester's top direction. You have female vocals on two tracks, bossa nova on one, some fuzztone here, and "Allow Your Mind to Wander" is a 14-minute jam. It is all low-volume, pleasant, and never-abrasive, however. Call it gently experimental, forward-looking without being too forward or pretentious. --- Tony Wilds

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