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Foa Hoka - Nievidomist’ 1997

Foa hoka to jedna z najbardziej ekstrawaganckich eksperymentalnych formacji jak ukraińska scena kiedykolwiek miała. Debiutowali jako kapela post industrial neo folk w 1991 roku w składzie Dmytro Kurovsky [vocals/synth/flute] i Vladyslav Dikhtyarenko [synth/guitars]. W 1994 dołączył do nich znany jako DJ Derbastler Ivan Moskalenko [bass]. W miarę upływu lat, trasach po Ukrainie, Polsce i Niemczech, licznych wydawnictwach w 2002 Foa Hoaka stała się projektem otwartym dla wszystkich artystów nadających na tych samych falach. Między nagraniami z różnymi muzykami tak muzyki jak i video koncertowali w Niemczech, Rosji, Ukrainie, Austrii. Pośród ich ulubionych instrumentów znajdziemy gitary, skrzypce, flet, instrumenty dęte jak też wszelkiej maści efekty zniekształcające dźwięk oraz analogowe syntezatory. Ich muzyka jest określana jako eksperymentalny rock z elementami post-industrialu,minimal techno, psychodelicznego ambientu oraz new- i cold-wave. (independent)

Foa Hoka is a legendary Ukrainian band, who since 1991 set themselves up on the scene of experimental and avant-garde music. One of their latest compositions is called “Freak Veteran”, the title which describes their current status well: loads of experience, years of hard work, and yet they keep on pushing further, challenging and seeking new means of expression. All these years they sought to combine various styles and mold together different genres. In their efforts they always moved off the beaten tracks and strove toward innovation. The band builds their compositions out of large arsenal of samples, analog synthesizers, live instruments, psychedelic noises and computer generated sounds. Accordingly, primeval electronics merge with drive and energy of rock band, hypnotic rhythms are laid over with samples, sound effects, guitar riffs and saxophone, next comes along easy-listening hurly-burly mixed with the surfing music, then a deep bass leads into space and psychedelic rock music. Add here various elements of the world music, funk and dub, and you get the picture.

Foa Hoka’s vocal is not traditional singing but rather reminds one of charm mantras, primeval exclamations and functions as shaman’s murmurs. Tribal sound colors are enhanced by a laid-back, rusty and simultaneously spacey, rumbling sound which combines all the various stylistic licks.

Their musical eclecticism is defined by the human factor. Foa Hoka musicians are people of polar energy charge which leads to the unexpected musical ideas. Current line-up consists of: Dmytro Kurovsky (flute, vocals); former leader of the famous Kazma-Kazma Evgen Hodosh (guitar, Moog, percussion); and Serge Protsenko (saxophone, clarinet). The band performs live, multi-media shows, which were presented at various venues in the Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Poland and Russia. Colorful program, solid concert reputation and eccentric image have well earned Foa Hoka a special place inside the Ukrainian indie music scene. (foahoka)

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