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Orange Sunshine - Love = Acid, Space = Hell! (1971)

Killer authentic Acid Psych Blues Biker Rock from Holland..right in the vein of BLUE CHEER, CREAM and FRACTION!! 8 tracks so loud. Your hair will grow at once! This is a musical trip..Its 1969 again! The perfect platter, if you dig fuzzed out solos..and even 8-minute long drum solos..!!Comes in a 3-d special Gimmic Cover...got it? Since 1999 Holland's loudest and wildest power blues trio. Raw and intense hi-volume psychedelic motor blues rock with the real original late-'60's proto-hardrock/acidfuzz sound of BLUE CHEER! Imagine HENDRIX-style guitar freak-out, raw bluesy vocals, a deep grooving bass and minutes-long drum solos. Their first album 'Homo Erectus' (with crazy 3D sleeve!) from 2001 was sold out in a few months. Now their second album has just been released: 'Love=Acid, Space=Hell'. More back to the roots of blues, rock'n'roll and rhythm'n'blues, but also with more catchy CREAM-like '60's pop song structures at the same time, with thumping boogie bass melodies and howling, swinging and 'singing' guitar solos mixed with heavy garage punk riffs and dirty psychedelic stoner/hardrock outbursts! An explosive and yet soulful trip through the twisted minds of 3 acid blues freak veterans from Holland's hard-rockin' capital The Hague. LOVE=ACID, SPACE=HELL and you're gonna dig it! DIG! Orange Sunshine just did some US eastcoast shows for the second time in december 2003 to promote their new release, hopefully the south and westcoast will follow later in 2004 so there'll be your chance for some Dutch drug experience...(info by CGR)

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