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Pyranha (1972)

Henry Skippy - saxophone
Wy Wyss - guitar
Armand Bucher - organ
Jacques Riccio - drums
Beb Anhas - bass
Christian Scheder - vocals

Very few information about this band. It was formed in Yverdon (Canton of Vaud, Switzerland) in 1972. This is their only album which is quite experimental and funky with a mix of strange sounds. Some tracks are sung in French. The best track is undoubtely the first one called "Clepsydre".

I think this is my last post in this formula - the blog is going private. Goodbye. Ankh

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Ankh pisze...

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Jakub Gleń pisze...

Zapowiada się interesująco, brzmienie i pomysły trochę przypominają mi The Vampires' Sound Incorporation w funkowym wydaniu.

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