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Carol Grimes and Delivery - Fools Meeting (1970)

Ta brytyjska grupa powstała w 1966 roku w Sawbridgeworth w hrabstwie Essex. Początkowo nosiła nazwę Brunos Blues Band, następnie Steve Miller's Delivery, aż w końcu w 1969 roku przybrała miano Delivery. Utworzyli ją: Steve Miller (fortepian), Phil Miller (gitara) i Philip (Pip) Pyle (perkusja). Pierwszy skład zespołu dopełnili: Dez Fisher (śpiew) i Jack Monck (bas). Rok 1968 to czas zmian w składzie osobowym grupy - Deza zastąpił Simon Leigh (śpiew) i na krótko pojawia się w niej Lol Coxhill (saksofony). W 1969 miejsce Simona zajmuje Carol Grimes (śpiew, instrumenty perkusyjne, wcześniej w Babylon), a w miejsce Moncka przychodzi Roy Babbington (bas). W kwietniu 1970 Carol, Steve, Phil, Roy i Pipe nagrywają swoją jedyną dużą płytę zatytułowaną "Fools Meeting". Gościnnie zagrał na niej na Lol, gdyż już wtedy był on związany z The Whole World Kevina Ayersa. Album ten ukazał się na rynku w listopadzie 1970, opisany przez wytwórnię jako dzieło Carol Grimes And Delivery.

Kompaktową edycję tej płyty (1999) opisano już prawidłowo, jako Delivery. W styczniu 1971 Pyle przechodzi do zespołu Gong, a marcu odchodzi Carol. Nieco później Steve nawiązuje współpracę z Caravan ("Waterloo Lily"). Na krótko Delivery przestaje istnieć, by odrodzić się w lipcu 1971 w składzie: Phil, Steve, Pip i Richard Sinclair (bas, Caravan). I ten zestaw muzyków nie przetrwał próby czasu - Steve' a zastępuje David Sinclair (instrumenty klawiszowe, Caravan) i z Delivery wyłania się w ten sposób Hatfield And The North. Delivery reaktywuje się raz jeszcze w 1973 roku na jeden koncert dla BBC.

Phila Millera spotkamy póżniej w Hatfield And The North, Matching Mole, National Health i Cahoots, Pip Pyle będzie występował w Gongu, Hatfield And The North, National Health i Equipe Out. Roy Babbington zwiąże się z Soft Machine i następnie BBC Jazz Orchestra. Carol Grimes nagra płytę "Old Hat" z Uncle Dog i wyda dwa solowe albumy "Warm Blood" i "Carol Grimes". Steve Miller zmarł w 1998 roku.

Na "Fools Meeting" złożyły się improwizowane kompozycje z pogranicza bluesa, jazzu i rocka, znałazł się wśród nich utwór autorstwa Keitha Jarretta "Is It Really The Same". Płytę promował singiel "Harry Lucky / Home Made Ruin". --- Krzysztof Michalczewski

Vocalist Grimes came to prominence in 1969 after joining Delivery. The band began life as a blues group, but gradually adopted a more experimental path. They completed one album before disbanding, following which Grimes embarked on a solo career. She formed Uncle Dog in 1972, but this promising act failed to match early expectations and the singer then resumed her independent path. Grimes’ powerful intonation was shown to great effect on the 1974 solo recording Warm Blood, but despite stellar support from members of Area Code 615 and the Average White Band, the set failed to highlight her talent. A more cohesive follow-up recording was completed in Memphis, with the Brecker Brothers, the Memphis Horns, Duck Dunn and Willie Hall all lending their support. In the late 70s and early 80s Grimes worked with the short-lived Sweet F.A. and Carol And The Crocodiles, in addition to maintaining a busy schedule as a session vocalist. In 1984 she formed the more stable Eyes Wide Open, recording a number of well-received sets for the Line label. She also branched out into music theatre and teaching, organising private vocal workshops and completing a MA in Voice Movement Therapy. During the late 90s she began working with the remarkable vocal choir the Shout, primarily a vehicle for songwriters Orlando Gough and Richard Chew. An underrated artist, Grimes continues to perform and record and enjoys considerable popularity on the continent. (source)

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adamus67 pisze...

The album contains mostly jazz playing rock , sometimes rubbing against variations in the climate of free and interesting to establish blues . Although a lot of instrumental passages here that while this is a disc that very strength is singer Carol Grimes . On the one hand you can say that her voice and way of singing is somewhat secondary as uniquely associated with a great Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane . On the other hand, it can be put in one row with the best British female singers of the era , next to Linda Hoyle and Julie Driscoll.

Carol Ann Grimes,is low growth, but endowed with powerful and beautiful voice of the singer, has released several solo albums, recorded with Tony Hicks of The Hollies and later occupied exclusively jazz. Oh yeah, small but strong in all respects girl - after one of the scandals of her participation, Delivery left a brilliant drummer Pip Pyle, and it was one of the reasons the band broke up soon, had time to release only one album.

Album of only been produced in small number of days Produced by Tony Chapman " Fools Meeting " , listen by all means to lovers of Swamp blues and rock lock or rather , of Canterbury As can be seen in the above it is a masterpiece of charm and soulful R & B -based singer , Carol Grimes , which was doing the support of those guys Yardbirds and John Mayall , and Graham Bond to Babylon before it teamed up with Louis Rich was pushed out over the entire surface in this album would not be worth the attention without her participation . In the song The Wrong Time is almost brilliant. In conclusion, it is worth noting that this is also very 'long', for those times the album , which was extended compact version 6 songs added as a bonus track to the eight songs that were recorded in the original record in this CD. Yes , you will eat more or less tit for tat to be listening on the assumption that jazz - rock sound of the band , such as the National Health and Hatfield & The North. But such a thing is the story has nothing to do with the evaluation of this album of course , the blues , which was released under the influence of the U.S. Southern sound and jazz and R & B, and early in the 1970s.

The name of the band which is early goes up from biography Soft Machine , Caravan , Gong , Hatfield & The North , National Health , Matching Mole , etc. , from the male team , but just because of Canterbury music this work the sacrilegious very for ended up positioned as research album rock album jazzy works only well-colored influence of British blues of the late 1960s it is of a album that you want to appreciate as a masterpiece even remove the catchphrase that of ''scene Canterbury music ".

Happy New Year! :)

Ankh pisze...

@Adam - thank you very much for all your activity. It's very motivating :) I also would like to wish you all the best in New Year 2014.

Egli pisze...

Thank you for this great album. Have a happy new year!

PS: it's possible to reup THE FAMILY OF APOSTOLIC album?

Ankh pisze...

Thank you @Egli and Happy New Year 2014 to you. We will try to re-up this album.

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