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One (1970)

Niestety, nie posiadam żadnych informacji o tej grupie poza tym, że jak wskazuje nazwa grupy oraz tytuł albumu nagrali tylko jedną płytę i zniknął. Perkusista grupy grał później w grupie Manfred Mann's Chapter Three.

Kevin Fogarty - guitar
Brent Forbes - bass
Conrad Isidore - drums
Norman Leppard - flute, saxaphone
Alan Marshall - guitar, piano, vocals
Bobby Sass - guitar

Not too much to say about this group. As the name means they released only ONE album and disappered. The drummer later played with Manfred Mann's Chapter Three. Good piece of early progressive music.

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Ankh pisze...

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adamus67 pisze...

Original first UK pressing 'One' LP Fontana Records / STL 5539 in 1969,a little known album whose participants were better known for session work. Brent Forbes, who was in Locust in the mid-seventies, also worked for Bob Pegg and The Surprise Sisters; Norman Leppard played with Aynsley Dunbar and Alan Marshall, who was in Zebra in the mid-seventies, played for Pete Bardens. Conrad Isadore was most prolific of all - cropping up on several other artists albums.

Ankh pisze...

Thank you for the supplement. :)

adamus67 pisze...

The album would begin by the theme 'Do not Listen To Me' a very hard rock with very peculiar rhythm, their bodies and their voices that give the perfect touch to this, 'Cautiously' a very calm but enriching in their melodies, such as the flute and voice, 'Stop Pulling and Pushing Me' with a riff very moved and very rock and roll style, 'Near to Bone' a song with country style and finally 'Run, Shaker Life' much like the moved above but more so good rhythms and seductive voice and an improvisation on the part of the drummer and flautist.

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